Saturday, May 26, 2012

Convention Madness - Phoenix Comic Con 2012 : Cosplay Peeps

Wacky Collecting - Searching for the Grail

So .. before I collected Wacky Wobblers and Funko .. 
I collected Wacky Packages by Topps .. 
When you talk grail pieces and there cost .. 
Be glad you don't collect the art from these stickers ..
Wacky Packages Norman Saunders Art/Painting Series 2 Hurts - Vintage
Here is your rare chance to pick up a highly sought Norman Saunders painted art piece. Offered here is the 1973 Series 2 Classic Title "Hurts Tomatoes". This is a great spoof of Hunts Tomatoes and considered a "perfect" wacky package as the spoof is simple, hilarious, beautifully painted, has a classic Norman Saunders Character and ridicules the original product.

I won't post the price on this .. so be prepared .. 
The auction link will take you to more info .. here it is ..

by Norman Saunders

Here are a few pictures of some of the sticker art in the collections of some Wacky collector's. The Original art is much bigger then the actual finished sticker size. 
These were drawn in the 70's remember.

Convention Madness - SDCC 2012 : Super Toast Exclusive by Dan Goodsell

Dan Goodsell reveals his SDCC 2012 Exclusive SUPER TOAST plush. 
Clad in a Red Domino mask and Red Cape he is limited to 1000 pieces ! 
Every year Mr Goodsell has an exclusive made for SDCC.
Last year's was Frankentoast
Frankly, a SDCC Mr Toast would be one of the few SDCC items I might get this year, besides all my Funko stuff of course.

* this article stolen (in part) from the ToysREvil blog .

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Topps - Mars Attacks! Heritage Series : Sketches Sketches Sketches !!!

Around the World in 80 Plates - Episode 3 : Barcelona

On the Course in Spain, the chefs' knife skills are tested when they work alongside local fishermen on the docks of Barcelona. As they settle into their journey, the competition starts to get fierce and the banter is not so friendly. Acclaimed chef Jose Andres joins the locals dining in one of the world’s best restaurants as the teams serve up Mediterranean cuisine. 

First team through the Course 
wins the Takeover advantage ..

the Essential Ingredient. 

the Course

WINNER - the BLACK  Team

Essential Ingredient - 
Red Prawns

the Takeover

Tapas Trio - Chorizo Croquettes, Merluza Crudo, Stuffed Date Wrapped with Serrano Ham
Serrano Wrapped Monkfish with Liver, Sauteed Greens, Pan Con Tomate
Bruleed Custard with Macerated Fruit
Merluza Crudo with Gambas Rojas, Lemon Aioli, Squid Ink
Monkfish with White Beans, Monkfish Liver Mousse, Chorizo
Cava Sabayon, Cake Crumbs, Marconas and Fresh Fruit

WINNER - the RED Team
Immunity @ Next City - 

Bye ... Keven
You got tossed under the bus .. dude !!!

Check back here on Thursday's after the new episodes ..
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Around the World in 80 Plates
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