Friday, January 20, 2012

NFL Playoffs - Championship Crazed : the Hype

We're All In Baby !!

NYC is lite up in Blue Tonight to show there support for our Giants

JFK Airport

Walgreen's in NYC

Met Life in NYC

Today in NY Giants History

Defense wins Championships

Just ask these guys !!!

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Friday's Funko Free-4-All 2.0

This weeks Friday Funko Free-4-All is a quickie. Just one Barnes & Noble, then Amok Time Toys.

Today's Haul -
Luke Skywalker
Hakwman (box error)

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Foodie Post - Homemade Pork Egg Rolls

These came out Awesome !! I ate all 3 of these myself last night !!

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Dunny Dementia - the Simpsons : Matt himself !!

If you were born in the last 35 years, and spent any of that time watching American television, odds are you learned a thing or two from The Simpsons. Some of us remember many more pearls of wisdom from the animated powerhouse THE SIMPSONS than from our own parents… which explains the continued success of donuts!
Created by legendary “Life is Hell” cartoonist Matt Groening, THE SIMPSONS is celebrating its 500th episode in February 2012, and Kidrobot is honoring the father of primetime animation in the only way we know how – making him into a 6-inch vinyl toy! Complete with goatee and glasses, director’s jacket, and pad and pencil accessories, it is the first EVER Simpsons Matt Groening toy. Available February 9, Matt retails for $50 (£40.10 UK) at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers.

* this article stolen from the Kidrobot blog.

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Cosplay Peeps - Cool .. but just a little bit Creepy !!

Say Luke .. How's those TPS Reports coming ... ??

Don't get me wrong .. I love Joker .. but this one is really scary !!

Edward Papercut Hands

Enough of the Zombie Everything Already !! LOL

Hmmm .. do they carry around the fake mirror I wonder .. cool but strange !!

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.. and now for someone completely different .. Bree Olson

I just read this article through Twitter, and just felt the need to share with everyone.
A couple years ago I had the good fortune to meet Bree at NYCC. She was very nice to myself and my nephew Kyle, and we talked for a while.
I title this post in reference to my " .. and now for something completely different !!" , since Bree is very different. She is a complete sweetheart, and I wish her all the luck in the world. I think I will be seeing her in something real soon, since she is very talented. Good Luck Bree !!

Bree Olson Giving Porn 'Proper Farewell'

LAS VEGAS — Adult star and Charlie Sheen "goddess," Bree Olson is quitting porn — this time for good.

Although she announced to TMZ last October that that she was done with the adult world, the star has since signed on to co-host the AVN Awards show this Saturday night and is signing for fans at the AEE Expo.

But in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun’s Robin Leach, Bree said her departure was a bit abrupt and she wants to take this last chance to say goodbye.

Olson told Leach said it's her way of saying thank you to her fellow actors, actresses and filmmakers.

“This is a great way for me to say thank you and farewell. I’m trying to transition into mainstream and just trying to evolve my acting career. I don’t have anything against the adult career at all. I have nothing bad to say about it at all, or else I wouldn’t be hosting, but now I want to completely focus on one thing, and I just feel that chapter of my life is over. I’m 25 now. Porn was something I did when I was young and just having fun. I’m evolving as a person,” she said.

When asked if crossing over into mainstream will be tough, Olson admitted she really wasn’t sure, revealing that some little-known adult performers made it without fanfare and stressed that she didn’t consciously use porn as a steppingstone.

“It’s already been difficult, but now the reactions are different. In adult, everything was handed to me because once the name ‘Bree Olson’ was established, I automatically got jobs — I didn’t have to go for ‘auditions.’ I just automatically got everything, which is why I was able to stay home in Indiana, fly to L.A., work two weeks, fly back home, go back out there, back and forth.

"There was nothing to think about. Mainstream is obviously a lot more work. I have to go out and dedicate myself full time to it, but I love the challenge. I’m ready for something like that…I’m ready to work toward challenges again — it’s nice to have a goal."

Olson said she has an agent and is moving to L.A. from her home in Indiana full time to get “closer to Hollywood,” in order to seriously pursue her acting career.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Funko NEWS - KÏŚŠ Vinyl Invader

This AWESOME piece of vinyl is now out in the marketplace !!
Pick yours up TODAY !!

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Funko NEWS - Lee's Toy Review

Seems like we still get some occasional space in Lee's Toy Review.

Reminds me that I still need to get my Charlie Sheen talking wobbler.

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