Friday, February 15, 2013

Yankee NEWS - Spring Training : I'm Sooooooo Ready !!!!

YES Network's 2013 Yankees Spring Training Telecast Schedule
Sunday, February 24 Toronto 1:00 pm
Wednesday, February 27 Baltimore 1:00 pm
Thursday, February 28 Toronto 1:00 pm
Friday, March 1 Philadelphia 1:00 pm
Saturday, March 2 Detroit 1:00 pm
Sunday, March 3 @ Boston 1:30 pm
Tuesday, March 5 Atlanta 7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 6 Dominican Republic 1:00 pm
Saturday, March 9 Atlanta 1:00 pm
Monday, March 11 St. Louis 1:00 pm
Wednesday, March 13 Philadelphia 7:00 pm
Friday, March 15 Miami 1:00 pm
Saturday, March 16 Philadelphia 12:00 pm
Wednesday, March 20 Boston 1:00 pm
Thursday, March 21 Minnesota 7:00 pm
Sunday, March 24 Tampa Bay 1:00 pm
Tuesday, March 26 Houston 7:00 pm
Friday, March 29 @Washington (in D.C.) 2:00 pm
Saturday, March 30 @ Army (West Point) 2:00 pm

Schedule subject to change. All times ET

Thursday, February 14, 2013

JAFO NEWS - Toy Fair 2013 - 20 Questions With Brian Mariotti : Funko

The owner of Funko, Brian Mariotti, takes a few minutes to answer some questions  that the hardcore "Funatic" collector's submitted to the webmaster.  JAFO, uncleJAFO, or the glowfunkofreak as I am known on the forum/boards gets some information direct from the source @ this years Toy Fair in NYC.

JAFO NEWS - Toy Fair 2013 Page is UP !! 1st 50 Pix too !!

JAFO NEWS - the Virtual Toy Fair Experience 2013

* Disclaimer - If you are prone to motion sickness you may not be able to view these videos. You have been sufficiently warned.

JAFO NEWS - the Post Toy Fair Apocalypse : Brother Jimmy's BBQ

JAFO NEWS - the Post Toy Fair Apocalypse

OK blog and website followers .. I am working on the high quality pictures, the 15 minute long video interview with Brian today. I will try to post the video here .. It is a HUGE file @ 1.3 gigs .. so I'm not even sure it with upload to YouTube. If it doesn't I will install a viewer on the JAFO website. 

It is a MUST see for Funatics, and I want to keep it complete which may be difficult because of it's size.

I want to give thanx to Brian again for taking some time out for us Funatics to do this interview. 
I want to give thanx to Blake for helping out, and being the cameraman so I could do a face to face interview. The option I thought I would have go with would be to try to read your questions, hold the camera steady while trying to do the interview, or use the spy cam glasses I bought (which are cool, but I'm not used to them yet). 
I want to thank Dan for coming on Sunday to report back, even though I was snowbound I felt pretty good knowing that he made it in, and would report back for us with lots of cool pictures. I just wish I could have met with him in person,

I want to thank Alec for coming to the show, and hanging out. Also, for having some Brother Jimmy's BBQ with me. He had never been there before, and I was glad to introduce this fine establishment to him.
I want to thank all of you Funatics for your questions, I wish I could have taken and asked more, but you will see that just these 20 questions alone took Brian 15 minutes to answer. 

Listen to his responses carefully, because the thing with Brian is he will answer the question asked, but also give the answer to quite a few other questions with that answer at the same time naturally.

I'm not done thanking there though, and want to say it was awesome as always to see the Funko sales crew in action. There were busy as hell, the whole time here in NYC @ the Toy Fair.

Christie Lee

Super Special Thanx to the Wilky's - Sean & Sheri !! 
For making a special guest appearance in NYC for a couple days.
It was awesome to spend a few minutes several times talking with you guys
throughout the two days you were in town.

If you don't know who Sean is let me tell you, he and Rob Schwartz are the Art Directors for Funko.
I got to pick his brain about quite a few things, and wish I could have gotten video of those conversations but they were many and quite quick. I got my Batman 1966 TV show info about the Wobblers and POP! I desperately wanted so I'm pretty happy. 

I have the Virtual Toy Fair Tour videos* from the show complete, and will be uploading them to YouTube as I fix up everything else. So as soon as one thing becomes available for your viewing pleasure I will post it here, or a link to it here on this Post Toy Fair Thread.

I hope you guys enjoy all this as much as I did trying to share the experience with you.

* Disclaimer - If you are prone to motion sickness you may not be able to view these videos. You have been sufficiently warned.