Friday, April 20, 2012

FunKo Collection Update - Mike W Disney POP!

Funko NEWS - GLOW Batman POP! Exclusives

Batman GLOW POP! is part of a bundle pack for Wii/DS game systems coming out by Solutions2Go, hopefully available by July this year.

The Wii video games will be bundled with the Batman GLOW POP! Edition size 10K.

The DS video game will be packaged with the Batman GLOW POP! Edition size for this will be 20K.

There will also be a Joker GLOW POP! bundle pack with the DS video game, but available with the DS video game only. Edition size for this will be 10K.

Each Bundled Pack will be with the **NEW** LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes video game. Below are some of the bundle packs that Solutions2Go has done previously.

These will be highly sought out by Funko collector's, but don't panic the edition sizes say that they should be easily found at a reasonable price.

Zenescope NEWS - Wonderland Series

Zenescope has several new projects on the horizon, and, as is pretty much the accepted rule for the comic book industry these days, they're promoting them through teaser images.

First up: The ongoing Wonderland series from Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, debuting in July 2012 (right in time for Comic-Con). According to the press release, the series will "tell the story of Alice’s now adult daughter, Calie Liddle and Calie’s teenage daughter, Violet, as they attempt to lead a normal life after the horrific events of their past." "Attempt to" being the operative words there, presumably.For this teaser, Zenescope turned to Danger Girl's J. Scott Campbell.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Funko NEWS - More Michael Jackson POP!s

FunKo Collection Update - POP! Jimi Chase

R.I.P. Dick Clark - the Eternal Teenager

Wikipedia - Dick Clark

It's hard to find the words to express the loss of this legend. On Saturday's I wouldn't go out until I watched American Bandstand. Not only did we get the coolest music .. but Dick Clark would interview the acts in between songs. These interviews were so awesome, obviously unrehearsed, we got to meet these bands/people for the first time on Bandstand.

Rest In Peace Dick, and Thank You For Everything !!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FunKo Collection Update - Loud Mouth Lime GLOW & B9 Robot

Custom Crazed - 'The Once and Future King' by Hugh Rose

From UK-customizer and master of the intense detailing Hugh Rose comes his latest custom - completed for Tenacious Toys' Candy Coated Custom Show. Dubbed 'The Once and Future King', this is a custom 7" Munny, with sculpted Milliput and Citadel Colour paint, and it is splendidly packed with details, and we wouldn't expect any less from Sir Rose!

"This is my interpretation of the King Arthur myth in Britain, which has its origins in Iron Age/Celtic mythology and has been reinterpreted and rewritten through the ages." ~mentioned Hugh.

* this article stolen from the ToysREvil blog !!

Custom Crazed - Legend of Zelda : Link POP!