Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jesse Hernandez and kaNO – Street Tribe

The opening of Street Tribe featuring Jesse Hernandez and kaNO should have just wound down @ myplasticheartnyc. If you didn't make the show, here’s a look at kaNO's imposing Apache Mega Munny and Jesse Hernandez's God Style Night embellished print. We'll be back shortly with pics from the opening.

210 Forsyth St.

New York, New York 10002


All these are customs done by

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bandito Muertito - This Print ROCKS !!

Myplasticheartnyc will present the opening of Jesse Hernandez and kaNO's Street Tribe joint show this Friday, January 16th. As a sneak peek, here's a look at Jesse's dope Bandito Muertito embellished print on wood. It's a nice change of pace mixing both Jesse's signature aztec style with 'toony street elements. Cool.

210 Forsyth St.
New York, New York 10002

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top Chef .. Week 8 - Old McPadma had a Farm ..

Hung winner of Season 3
was the Guest Judge for the Quickfire ..

Stefan: Baked Bean Soup with Spam and Grilled Cheese

Stefan wins the
Quickfire Challenge
Although I would rather have tasted
Hosea: Sweet Pea Soup, Spam, Onion Rings, Pork Rinds, Hearts of Palm

Team Chicken: Chicken Cutlets,
Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken, Heirloom Tomato
and Red Onion Salad
Team Chicken wins the Elimination
Stefan, Jaime, & Carla
I'm not happy with this weeks elimination ..
There are a few that needed to go first ..

Bu-Bye Ariane ..
Pack Your Knives & Go !!

Check back here on Thursday's after the new episodes ..
BRAVO Wednesday nights @ 10 pm


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vinyl can be such a BITCH !!

Why .. you ask .. ??

Check out this Bart Qee

This is the BITCH ..

Only available to FOX employees ..

The HUNT is ON .. !!

NYCC is Feb 6th - 8th MORE !!

Black Extra Bloody Hammerhead Sharky @ NYCC

More stuff I need to get .. this is another exclusive for the NYCC !!
Here is the article from Vinyl Pulse ..
from way back on July 21st 2008

There's a new fish (well.. shark) in the water. Building on the success of his Sharky vinyl, Keith Poon has created a bigger brother -- a hammerhead shark. This as yet unnamed hammerhead vinyl sculpted by NEMO is bigger (taller and wider) and meaner (check out the crooked hook + knife) than his little bro. While Sharky's got some bite he's also sleek and streamlined. In contrast, Hammerhead is a hulking beast - open intimidation seems to be his game. From a design perspective, ol 'hammy's got a lot more front-facing surface area for artwork from his noggin to his larger 'belly area' due to his almost closed mouth. The first production hammerhead is expected to swim into stores late this year.

Monday, January 12, 2009

NYCC is Feb 6th - 8th

Looking for some cool toys when I run around the
New York Comic Con Feb 6 - 8

I got to have me this GLOW piece !!

Maybe some Kozik stuff too !!

Love that GLOW BEAR !!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


One VERY HOT Collectible ..

Not just because it's the Human Torch either ..


Wikipedia says

"Mighty Muggs are a vinyl/plastic collectible toy series made by Hasbro. Their tagline claims that they are "made from 100% recycled awesome."

Currently, there are four lines of figures in the series: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, G.I. Joe, and Marvel. Transformers figures have been announced."

These are actually customs that I have seen done ..

The Thing ROCKS HARD Brutha ..

(pun intended)

Here he is compared to the

Hasbro ones from the shelves ..

These pictures are all Customs ..
BIG BUCKS on eBay !!

Love this War Machine !!
He has interchangeable heads ..

Even Marvel Zombie versions ..

I'm LOVIN` these Batman ones especially ..

This Shadow Batman is INTENSE !!