Saturday, December 10, 2011

Freddy Funko O' the Day

This Freddy is from the Land of the Lost !! Sleestak Freddy comes direct from Fundays 8 in San Diego, and that was in 2010.

He is from my personal collection, and is a limited edition of 24.

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Funko NEWS - pop! Pop! POP! til you drop Drop DROP !!!

Brian tells us yesterday of the NEW mini POP!s on the Funatic Boards.

"We are only doing a SELECT few as mini POP!, and they will be packaged in THEMED sets.

Like Disney Villains etc ... some will be 2 packs, or 3 packs, or maybe 4 packs .. but again only the best of the best POP! will be mini POP!"

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Funko NEWS - Presenting : the King of Pop POP!s

No .. I haven't relinquished my new nickname, I'm still the "King of POP!" ..

These MJ POP!s are King in my book !! Coming in January .. Brian said yesterday.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Freddy Funko O' the Day

Nightmare Freddy was introduced to us this year in San Diego @ Fundays 9.

He is from my personal collection, and is a limited edition of 48. He is Freddy POP! #7.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Freddy Funko O' the Day

Devo Freddy is a custom done by NESS (NESSNODDER) on the Funatics Board.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Freddy Funko O' the Day

Today's Freddy wasn't made by Funko at all. These mugs were made by Funatics for Funatics in the honor of a Special Funatic.

These mugs were sold at Fundays 6 in 2008 with the proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation in the name of Rick Bartel.

These pictured are from my personal collection, they are a limited edition of 48.

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R.I.P. - Harry Morgan : Colonel Sherman Potter M*A*S*H 4077

Rest in Peace Harry. You will be missed. M*A*S*H will always be one of my favorite shows ever !!

Prolific character actor Harry Morgan, who appeared in more than 100 films but was best known for television roles including Colonel Sherman Potter in the popular series "M*A*S*H," died on Wednesday at his Los Angeles home, age 96.

His son, producer Christopher Morgan, confirmed the actor's death in an e-mail to Reuters.

Morgan in 1980 won an Emmy award, honoring the best in U.S. TV, for his work on the anti-war comedy series "M*A*S*H" playing the upstanding commanding officer of a U.S. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. Morgan appeared in "M*A*S*H" from 1975 to 1983.

He also appeared as Officer Bill Gannon on television crime series "Dragnet" from 1967 to 1970, alongside Jack Webb.

Morgan's ability to play a variety of roles, dramatic and comedic, made him an actor in demand for half a century. He starred in about a dozen U.S. TV series starting in the 1950s and appeared in movies with some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

He appeared in "The Ox-Bow Incident" in 1943 with Henry Fonda, "High Noon" in 1952 with Gary Cooper, "The Glenn Miller Story" in 1954 with Jimmy Stewart and "Inherit the Wind" in 1960 with Spencer Tracy.

But it was his role on "M*A*S*H," the long-running series on the CBS network, that earned him his most fame. The series was adapted from the successful 1970 feature film of the same name, presenting an anti-war theme at the same time the United States was extricating itself from the Vietnam War.

Morgan was not one of the original cast members. The series began in 1972 but his first appearance came in a guest-starring role during its third season. He signed on as a full-time cast member in 1975 after actor McLean Stevenson, who had played the fictional unit's commanding officer, left the show.


The actor played Colonel Potter as a disciplined, sometimes cantankerous, but ultimately upright and good-hearted officer and capable surgeon. He was surrounded by a colorful cast including Alan Alda, Loretta Swit, Larry Linville, Mike Farrell, Gary Burghoff, David Ogden Stiers and Jamie Farr.

Morgan cried during a 1983 news conference after taping the final episode of "M*A*S*H," which became the most-watched show in the history of U.S. television.

He told reporters, "I'm feeling very sad and sentimental. I don't know if 'M*A*S*H' made me a better actor but I know it made me a better human being."

Morgan went on to play Potter in a short-lived TV sequel to M*A*S*H entitled "Aftermash." "I'm playing a character I'm awfully fond of," he told the Miami Herald in 1983. "I knew nothing was going to come along that was better than this."

Before the popular comedy, Morgan was perhaps best known for his role as the sidekick policeman, Officer Bill Gannon, to the no-nonsense Los Angeles investigator Sgt. Joe Friday (Jack Webb) on popular crime drama "Dragnet."

His TV and film credits ranged widely, starting in the early 1940s and including movies such as "Wing and a Prayer" (1944) and "High Noon" (1952). His TV work began in the 1950s and included numerous guest-starring and series regular roles up to his turn on "Dragnet" (1967-1970).

In 2004, he told the Archive of American Television: "I'd like to be remembered for being a fairly pleasant person and for having gotten along for the most part with a lot of the people I've worked with. And for having a wonderful life and for having enjoyed practically every minute of it...I think I'm one of the luckiest people in the world."

Morgan was born Harry Bratsberg in Detroit in 1915, and worked on stage before making his way to Hollywood. In his early work, he is credited as Henry Morgan. He was married twice and had four children with his first wife, Eileen, who died in 1985 after the pair had been together 45 years.

One son, Daniel, died in 1989. He is survived by three other sons, eight grandchildren and his second wife, Barbara Bushman.

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Movies To See - 1941

One of my All-Time favorite movies !! A must see for today !!

1941 is a 1979 period comedy film directed by Steven Spielberg, written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, and featuring an ensemble cast including John Belushi, Ned Beatty, John Candy, Toshiro Mifune, Christopher Lee and Dan Aykroyd. The film is about a panic in the Los Angeles area after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

Although not as financially or critically successful as many of Spielberg's other films, it received belated widespread popularity after an expanded version aired on ABC, and its subsequent successful home video reissues, raising it to cult status.

Co-writer Gale stated the plot is loosely based on what has come to be known as the Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942 as well as the shelling of the Ellwood oil refinery, near Santa Barbara by a Japanese submarine. Many other events in the film were based on real incidents, including the Zoot Suit Riots and an incident in which the U.S. Army placed an anti-aircraft gun in a homeowner's yard on the Maine coast.

Wild Bill Kelso somewhere over California

On Saturday, December 13, 1941 at 7:01 a.m., somewhere along the Northern California coast, a woman goes swimming alone and naked only to find a Japanese submarine surfacing beneath her. The submarine crew realizes they have arrived where they intended to be, Hollywood, and the vessel submerges while the woman swims to safety.

Later that morning, dishwasher Wally Stephens is planning to enter a dance contest with Betty Douglas, against the wishes of her father Ward. A tank crew commanded by Motor Sergeant Frank Tree, U.S. Army, 10th Armored Division, and consisting of Privates Foley, Reese and Henshaw, and Corporal Charles ("Chuck") Sitarski, are at the restaurant where Wally works. The trouble-making, egg-hating Sitarski dislikes Wally almost immediately, and trips the youngster up. A fight ensues, leading Wally to lose his job. About half an hour later, Wally takes his friend Dennis shopping to pick up some zoot suits and steals a suit.

Death Valley, California, high noon: deranged Army Air Corps Captain Wild Bill Kelso lands his Curtiss P-40 fighter near a grocery store and gas station; while refueling, Kelso accidentally blows up the gasoline station.

In Los Angeles, Major General Joseph W. Stilwell, Commander of the U.S. Army's III Corps, attempts to bring order, but Colonel "Mad Man" Maddox, the General's new secretary Donna Stratten and the General's assistant Captain Loomis Birkhead have other ideas. At one of Stilwell's press conferences at Daugherty Field in Long Beach, the woman-chasing Birkhead is attracted to Donna, who he knows is sexually aroused when in an airborne aircraft. He lures her into a bomber to seduce her but she knocks him out. Birkhead lands on the bomb release control and sends a bomb rolling towards Stilwell's podium as the General is promising that "there will be no bombs dropped here." The bomb explodes, though Stilwell escapes.

That afternoon, at the Douglas family home in Santa Monica, Wally is told by Betty and her friend Maxine, both USO hostesses, that he will be forbidden to enter the USO dance to be held that night because he is not a serviceman. Wally is forced to hide in the Douglas family's garage loft when Ward shows up. Soon after, Tree and his tank crew arrive to deliver an anti-aircraft defense battery; Corporal Sitarski spots Betty and is attracted to her. He is just about to ask whether Betty will go to the dance with him when Wally falls from the loft. Ward and Sitarski dump him into a garbage truck.

The Japanese submarine becomes lost trying to find Los Angeles when the ship's compass is broken. A landing party captures a timber merchant, Hollis "Holly" Wood who will only give up his name, occupation and social security number (106432185) on board the sub. They see he has a small Cracker Jack compass that he swallows, in a fit of patriotic pica. Wood escapes, hoping to find the authorities.

Hollywood Boulevard, 7:35 p.m.: Stilwell goes to see Dumbo. By 9:05 p.m., Birkhead and Donna are headed toward the 501st Bomb Disbursement Unit at Barstow, where Maddox shows them the unit's dilapidated aircraft. Maddox, convinced the Japanese are sending parachutists into the hills near Pomona, lets Birkhead and Donna borrow his aircraft, assuming they are going on reconnaissance.

Back outside the USO dance-hall, Betty is greeted by both Sitarski and Wally. Sitarski kicks Wally in the groin and drags Betty into the dance as his unwilling date. Maxine has fallen in love with Sitarski and tags along. Wally sneaks in with a stolen Shore Patrol uniform, steals Betty away and they win the dance contest whilst evading Sitarski, who is pursued by Maxine. Sitarski, in khaki, punches Wally, in blues, inciting an inter-service brawl. Tree arrives with his team to stop the riot just as Los Angeles goes to Red Alert with an unknown aircraft in the air, piloted by Birkhead and Donna. At the Douglas' home, Ward spots the submarine. As Birkhead and Donna fly over Los Angeles in the back of their aircraft, Army anti-aircraft batteries open fire. Kelso joins the fight and, after shooting Birkhead's aircraft into the La Brea Tar Pits, sees the submarine, only to be shot down by two United States snipers who mistake his plane for a Japanese fighter.

Sitarski drags Betty underneath a tank to rape her. Wally rescues Betty and knocks Sitarski out. They discover Kelso, who informs them about the sub. Wearing an army uniform, Wally commandeers Tree's tank and heads toward Pacific Ocean Amusement Park for a rendezvous with the sub. Ward begins firing at the submarine, destroying his house in the process. The submarine returns fire, hitting the ferris wheel, which careens into the ocean. The tank sinks when the pier collapses. Kelso drives his motorbike into the ocean and swims to the submarine, where he is captured by the Japanese, who, believing their mission accomplished, return home.

Sunday morning, December 14, 1941: Stilwell arrives at the Douglas home where Ward is hanging a Christmas wreath, only to accidentally push what remains of his home into the ocean. With all the characters in front of the foundations of the destroyed home, Tree predicts to Stilwell that 1942 will be "the 'really big' year of the war." The General simply mutters: "It's gonna be a 'long' war."

Dance scene must be seen to be believed !!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Freddy Funko O' the Day

Ringmaster Freddy takes the Main Ring of the Funko Circus !!

This is from my personal collection, he is #29 of a 48 piece limited edition. There are 3 fur variations on these punks : Pink, Orange/Black, Gray/Black.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Freddy Funko O' the Day

The Green Crystal Freddy is given out to Funko's Collector of the Month, and says All Star on the base. This one pictured is from my personal collection.

He is one of 4 different colored Crystal Freddy's, and is a limited edition. The edition size grows every time Brian selects another COTM.

Previous winners of this award were also honored through Lee's Toy Review Magazine with an article on there Funko page.

They can be seen here -

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Foodie Post - Homemade Guacamole & Mango Salsa

Ready for Monday Night Football

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Circus Punks - Smile Not Cry Often

This is a Pre-Order through Mad Creator Productions

In the tradition of the old Circus Punks from carnival midways, Gris Grimly has teamed up with Circus Punks to create a custom one with his artwork. These circus punks are silk screened and assembled by hand in Fresno CA USA. Each one is signed and numbered in a strictly limited edition of 50. approximately 15"x 10"

They plan to have these completed and shipped before Christmas. Images are a digital mock up and are not 100% accurate. You will also receive a free Grismas Card for every $20 you spend. We will do our best to get these out to you by the Holidays.

Buy It Now Price - $60.00

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Freddy Funko O' the Day

Today's Freddy is from this years Fundays 9 .. he is Freddy POP! #6.

Super Freddy Metallic POP!

This is from my personal collection, he is a limited edition of 12.

When Brian told the booth helpers this year to take 3 of the limited 12 piece items .. I ran right over for this Freddy !!

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