Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SDCC Exclusive - O*NO Sushi ( by Andrew Bell )

For quite awhile now, Andrew Bell has suffered from an empty stomach as he drew creatures surrounded by scrumptious food over and over. Now, his cravings have spilled over into his newest toy – the oh-so clever O-No Sushi based on his ‘Never Look Back’ print series. A Bento set like no other, Chef Bell’s course includes a nervous limb-challenged squid figure with articulated arms/legs (well… stumps), two sets of interchangeable eyes, a bowl of tentacles and a slice of tentacle sushi.

Limited to 150 sets, the blue edition will be available at SDCC in both the Dumbrella (#1335/1337) and DKE Toys booths (#4732). The standard red edition will be available shortly after the ‘con from your favorite retailer.

We’ve been excited about these for awhile – one of Mr. Bell’s best figures in recent memory. It offers not just an isolated character but a quirky, humorous experience/world that will be immediately familiar to most. Though, we’re still super partial towards Groob – remember him ?

Bossy Bear - Just Bossy Lemony Fresh

If you’ve David Horvath’s Bossy Bear series, Toy2R is going to make your summer with four separate releases spread across TTF and SDCC. First, TTF will see the debut of the new 5” Just Bossy Bear assortment (assuming this means blind-boxed) featuring all Bossy Bear, all the time – different colorways and expressions. Next up, the Lemony Fresh Special Edition Bossy Bear and Friends (previously referred to as ‘yellow' edition)of Bossy Bear, Turtle, and Crocadoca (300 each, numbered).

Finally, the newest member of the BB family, Crocadoca will be available in two extremely limited two tone GID editions each featuring five figures (eds. of 50). For TTF there’s the GID Primary edition and for SDCC there’s the GID DIY edition (unpainted). See pics after the jump – don’t let the product names on the fliers confuse you – apparently they were changed at some point.


FIFTY/24 SEA Gallery
4730 University Way NE

Presents: Friday - July, 17th 2009
An Exhibit with Artist - Jim Koch
Opening reception 5 - 10
New Custom toys, Illustrations and Paintings
- with Skate board release.
Featuring - DJ SWERVWON


Monday, June 29, 2009

Nodniks - Rat Fink Preview

12 Questions with Brian from Funko

1. Thought I’d start by asking some personal questions - Besides your work, what are the things you do for enjoyment, relaxation, and Fun???

Golf, attempting to work out, and family stuff like going to my daughters gymnastics and ballet classes.

2. How many hours a day do you work and has there ever been a day when you wished that you could be doing something else?

I work a lot..Much more than my family prefers, but they understand. The travel is extensive as well. As far as being at Funko..only golf tempts me to get out of the office.

3. What are you looking forward to doing in your life (other than funko related)?

Retiring in Maui, while I surf and play golf every day....

4. What does your wife think about your collection and owning a toy company?

She's not much into toys..my daughter is...Both love Funko though.

5. Now onto the Funko questions - What single piece been the biggest seller for Funko? Which are close to the top?

Darth Vader is #1, then Iron Man, then Yoda, Boba.....

6. Funko Force, Nodniks and the USB Drives are poised to put Funko on a whole new level. Where do you see these lines taking the company as a whole?

They provide us a new avenue or new customer to potentially sell our product to. This helps in theory, to grow our company. The electronics especially can bring us to new stores who would not normally carry toys or Funko products.

7. Why you physically have to go to China?

To find new factories, to check on our factory, look at new potential products lines..I go about 3-4 times per year.

What do you like to eat when you’re down there?

not much! Ugggh..I bring beef jerky and starve to death mostly.

8. Big Headz looked cool, but it seems that Funko Force replaced them, and that's not a bad thing at all. What about the lost product lines? the Star Wars Wind Ups? The Seinfeld line? The Operation Guy?

The big headz cost too much to produce versus the perceived value of the toy. Windups are the same issue. Burger King put a line of Star Wars windups out they were quite good, and gave them away...Seinfeld is still a looong and slow process, but I have hope. Operation guy was a Becker thing with Hasbro that never got off the ground due to licensing issues.

9. Have licenses with big-name companies such as Lucasfilms and Marvel made it easier to negotiation smaller licenses and have they made the Funko name more recognizable in the toy market?

Yes..absolutely. Star Wars opened the door to Wal Mart, Target and TRU..and in turn opened more licensing opportunities.

10. Any chance we might see our favorite cereal monsters get the Funko Force vinyl treatment? USB Drives? Maybe regular wobblers metallic or otherwise?

maybe..we will see the initial sales to evaluate.

11. How much does Funatic suggestion play into licenses and variations that we see?

We certainly take views into the overall evaluation process. And of course Funatics idea do make a big splash come Comic Con time.

12. Can you give us any scoop on new lines/Franchises coming out for Funko? At least to keep us satisfied until Funday?

We'll the secret has been leaked a bit, but we are doing a HUGE Music line of Nodniks, Funko Force(Non bobbles) and Wobblers of Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Bob Marley. Really cool stuff and the likenesses are super cool but Funko-ized of course. And keep an eye out for Bruce Lee and Che Guevara!

A big thanks to Brian for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions! Take it from me, there are some awesome top secret things on the way that will make you poo your pants! Stock up on Depends or a comparable store bought brand NOW!

Hopefully this will keep everyone satisfied until Comic Con and Funday!'


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Original Funny Face Wood Walkers

We all know I collect everything .. but Pillsbury Funny Face stuff is very special to me ..

Check this auction out .. talk about once in a lifetime .. wish I could afford to bid ..


These are real proto's ... amazing work ..

A great piece of history ..

Comes with the original shipping box too .. WOW !!!

This is a very interesting collection of original prototypes which were created by Jack L. Williams (1918-1992). Jack Williams was asked by a man in advertising to carve some figures for an idea he wanted to sell to Pillsbury. Jack carved these 4 Pillsbury Funny Face Characters out of wood and hand painted them for an advertising presentation to Pillsbury for their Funny Face Fruit Drink. Please see the attached history sheet. There are 5 prototypes: Rootin Tootin' Raspberry, Choo Choo Cherry, Goofy Grape, and Jolly Ollie Orange (actually two prototypes of this character). Because of Jack's prototypes, Pillsbury signed a contract with F & F Mold and Die Company, Dayton Ohio to produce these figures Also in this collection is a set of F & F mold plastic Pillsbury Funny Face Walkers that were made from Jack William's prototypes along with the original box from F & F Mold. There is one duplicate of Goofy Grape by F & F Mold in plastic. The plastic walkies are marked F & F mold and dated 1971. The first and fifth photos show the prototypes. The rest of the photos show the F & F Mold plastic walkers next to the prototype. The Prototype is on the right hand side of each group. This is a rare opportunity to purchase the "Originals" of these highly collectible Pillsbury Funny Face characters. The third picture shows Jack enjoying what he did best, wood carving.