Friday, May 23, 2014

Funko NEWS - Hikari Friday's : Round 4 Silver Glitter Batman

We have our fourth Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure available from Funko !
This week the LIMITED EDITION 
Silver Glitter Batman Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure is ready!
Silver Glitter Batman Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure 
is limited to 3000 pcs worldwide.

This week Funko is giving away the
Silver Glitter Batman
This Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figures are each limited to 3000 pieces WORLDWIDE! 
Enter now to get this super rare figure!

Like the picture (on there Facebook page)
and leave a comment answering this question: 
"What's your favorite Batman Movie ?"
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  The giveaway is live on Friday's!

Wacky Packages NEWS - All New Series 10 / ANS 10

 I have been seriously delinquent in my Wacky Packages collecting ..
and also my reporting of new series coming out.
That should all change very shortly ..

Wacky Packages All New Series 10 Collector Edition (HOBBY)

Features 55 base stickers, 20 subset stickers 
and an unbelievable collection of exclusive parallels, inserts and hits!

6 stickers per Collector Edition pack, 14 packs per Collector Edition box 


 Base Set (55):

1 Mtn Doom
2 Flustered Flakes
3 Milk Deads
4 Taco Belch
5 Pooper Mario Doo-D Land
6 Pillsburied
7 Play-Gogh
8 Lite Sabers
9 Reeper's
10 B.O. Shock Ew
11 Dungeon Donuts
12 Petsi
13 Peter Pawn
14 Tubby Grahams
15 Zombie Fitness
16 Might Be Dog
17 Pull Pop
18 Scream of Wheat
19 Rold Cold
20 Tomb Gator
21 Helly Belly
22 Hippy Meal
23 Fiber Won
24 Green Chant
25 Chronic Degenerates
26 Blow Hole Pop
27 Wuss in Boots
28 Jack Stinks
29 Ultra Tite
30 Deers of War
31 Allmud Joy
32 Battlesheep
33 Fruit of the Loon
34 Bogus Burgers
35 The Legend of Zelduh
36 Crawley Rancher
37 Diarrhea of a Windy Kid
38 Pop-Farts
39 Klepto-Bismol
40 Mortal Komrades
41 Chia Pest
42 Chux Mix
43 Cementos
44 Easy Muck
45 Feet Fighter
46 Tric Tac
47 Benadrool
48 Newts and Adders
49 Ninjagoo
50 Mimecraft
51 Newtella
52 Pampered
53 Lucky Germs
54 Monster Thigh
55 Snakers

 Guest Autograph (5) 
(Collector Box/Case ONLY):
John Moschitta Jr / Micro Machine
John Gilchrist / Mikey Life Cereal
Wendy Kaufman / Snapple Lady
Matt Frewer / Max Headroom Coke
Jimmy Nelson / Nestle's Quik Ad

JAFO NEWS - the Walking Dead POP! Concept Art by Space Waffle Creations

 came up with these awesome 
Walking Dead POP! Concept Art drawings.

She has them available in some poster prints at her Etsy Shop 
Check her Facebook page for more POP! Concept Art soon.