Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wild Bill's Dark Ride Paradise

Wild Bill's Dark Ride Paradise will be a documentary film following Wild Bill and Dark ride artist Chuck Burnham as they create the worlds largest walk through fun house in Middletown CT.   Along with the fun house Bill will be re installing a number of old dark ride amusements and other oddity's effectively transforming the land behind his Nostalgia store into an independent amusement park.  I aim to capture this on film while also exploring the history behind dark rides, fun houses, the carnival and the creative process that moves them.  We have great characters to follow and a few special guests to pop into the film.  At the end of the day I feel this will be a powerful story about the pursuit of Wild Bill's dream and about the iconography that is the Dark Ride. 

In order to create a film on a professional level image sound and lighting have to be spot on, it is a big project which will result in hundreds of hours of footage to cull through and dozens of interviews, along with the construction at Wild Bills we aim to film other people in the carnival/amusement industry then take the finished film out to the festival circuit and to market.  The funds we raise here will allow us to rent necessary equipment, get the film cut together and take it out to the public.
Check out the blog for pictures and updates !

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Zenescope NEWS - Wonderland Series

The ongoing Wonderland series from Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, debuting in July 2012 (right in time for Comic-Con). According to the press release, the series will "tell the story of Alice’s now adult daughter, Calie Liddle and Calie’s teenage daughter, Violet, as they attempt to lead a normal life after the horrific events of their past." "Attempt to" being the operative words there, presumably.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Funko NEWS - POP! Vinyl Sale - Buy 3, Get the 4th Free! @ Entertainment Earth

TV, Movie, and Comic Book Pop! Vinyl Figures and Bobble Heads!

Pop culture's best and most famous faces are here as great Pop! VinylFigures and Bobble Heads! Each of these figures has exaggerated features inspired by your favorites. If you're in love with Kermit or would like to work with Darth Vader, we've got just the figurines for you!

Random Art O' the Day - Zina Saunders

Lost in NY article from the New York Observer Today

Cover for today’s The New York Observer: the article is about how Occupy Wall Street seems to be fading into the regular chaotic new york scene. Featuring some of NYC’s most colorful characters, including Thoth, Radioman, a silver-painted robot guy, Naked Cowboy, a mariachi band…and yours truly filling in as a wan OWS-er…

Funko NEWS - KISS Vinyl Invader GOLD Chase

No .. there will be not be 1 of these inserted in each case .. 
There will be a limited amount made !!

Here's a sneak peek of the 
Gold Demon Shogun Robot Warrior chase piece. 
Details on where to buy will be COMING SOON !!!!