Friday, January 27, 2012

KISS - Sonic Boom Action Figures

Here are the KISS Action Figures Sonic Boom Series Prototype Pictures! These were the first molds made, then sent to the band for approval.

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KISS - Love Gun Action Figures

Figures Toy Company to Release Retro 8 and 12 inch KISS Action Figures

Finally!! "You Want It You Got It" "The Hottest Band in the World" "KISS"

KISS Collectors, Rock Fans get ready. Figures Toy Company is about to introduce KISS action figures, reminiscent of the action figures first released in 1977-1978 by the Mego Toy Company. These figures will have rooted hair, cloth clothing, 16 points of articulation and for the first time will be available in 8 inch as well as a re-release of the 12 inch.

CFO Anthony Balasco states, "I never understood why 8 inch KISS action figures were not produced back in the 1970's when The Mego Toy Company had already released the 12 inch versions. Our first release will have the retro look from the 1970's, but future releases will cover all time periods in KISS's almost 40 year musical career from 1973 to 2012". Look for special exclusives and limited edition releases. Collectors will be able to find these at toy stores, comic shops, music stores and on-line retailers starting in March 2012.

Each 8" KISS action Figure comes with a mini replica Love Gun album cover, and each individual 12" Figure comes with 1 of 4 retro mini KISS concert T-shirts!

The Love Gun Action figures will be followed by Sonic Boom, Dressed To Kill and the first KISS album Figure Series!

LVisit for more info on this exciting KISS Action Figure Series!

Here are the KISS Action Figures Series 1 Prototype Pictures. These are from the development and approval stages of the new LOVE GUN Action Figure Series.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rest In Peace - Nicol Williamson : Merlin "Excalibur" Star

Only the greatest movie telling the story of King Arthur. He was the greatest Merlin.
RIP Nicol
Do nothing. Be still. Sleep. Rest in the arms of the Dragon.

ana:l nathrakh, u:rth va:s bethud, dokhje:l djenve

AMSTERDAM - Nicol Williamson, the British actor best known for his role as the wizard Merlin in the 1981 film "Excalibur," has died of esophageal cancer, his son said Wednesday. He was 75.

His son Luke said the actor died Dec. 16 in Amsterdam, where he had lived for more than two decades.

Williamson had dozens of film credits to his name but won more plaudits for his stage acting. Playwright John Osborne once described him as "the greatest actor since Marlon Brando."

He was nominated for a Tony Award in 1966 for his role in Osborne's "Inadmissible Evidence" and again in 1974 for Anton Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya." He also was nominated three times for acting honors at the British Academy Film Awards, Britain's equivalent of the Oscars.

In films, he was an acclaimed wizard Merlin in John Boorman's "Excalibur" and also played Little John to Sean Connery's Robin Hood and Audrey Hepburn's Lady Marian in the 1976 movie "Robin and Marian."

Luke Williamson described his father as multi-talented and multi-faceted.

"He could do it all," Williamson said in a telephone interview. "He could sing, he wrote poetry, he wrote prose, he wrote a book ... He was working on a CD in the year leading up to his illness, and he finished it while he was going through chemotherapy."

Nicol Williamson won rave reviews for his theater work but never warmed to the acting scene, which Luke described as self-congratulatory and insincere.

"Dad didn't play that game," he said. "One of the tremendous things about Nicol was that he was always straight up with you."

The Dutch capital appealed to Nicol in part because the city was "a very easy place to live" while being close to Britain and the rest of Europe. As he left the theater behind, he gravitated more toward musical projects, including the CD, which Luke said would eventually be released on his father's website.

Luke Williamson said his father was also survived by his wife, Jill Townsend. Williamson's death was first confirmed by his son Wednesday on his father's website.

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Designer Vinyl - Ron English Is Grrreat!

Fatten up your vinyl collection with Ron English’s 100% nutrient free art toy, Fat Tony. This 9-inch tall satirical statue is a delicious shortcut to attention deficit disorder!
“Sugary cereals captured the hearts of Young America by giving away cheap toys made in China in every box. This prize at the bottom of the box actually ate the cereal."

Word has this fat cat will be making its way to a toy store near you with this original colorway limited to 500 pieces, followed by more various color combos in editions of 100. A ton of tiger with a short shelf life.

* this article stolen from the Kidrobot Blog !!

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Rest In Peace - Robert Hegyes : Juan Epstein "Welcome Back, Kotter" Star

"Welcome Back Kotter" actor Robert Hegyes has died. According to New Jersey's The Star-Ledger, he was 60 years old.
The Star-Ledger reports he suffered an apparent heart attack in his New Jersey home on Thursday morning.

Hegyes is best known for playing Juan Epstein on "Welcome Back Kotter," the 1970s sitcom, which starred John Travolta and Gabe Kaplan. He appeared in all four seasons of the sitcom and joined most of his fellow Sweathogs at the "Welcome Back Kotter" reunion held at the 2011 TV Land Awards.

This is still one of my all time favorite shows!

Please excuse Juan for his lateness (fill in you favorite reason) .. signed Epstein's Mother

RIP Brutha Sweathog
RIP Juan
RIP Robert

Foodie Post - Homemade Chicken Chow Mien

Chicken Chow Mien

Vadalia Onions
Green Peppers
Bean Sprouts
Water Chestnuts
Soy Sauce
Duck Sauce
Chicken Stock
Onion Stock
Garlic Stock
Plum & White Wines
Thigh & Breast Chicken Meat

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NFL Playoffs - Superbowl Bound !!

We going to the Superbowl Baby !! Can't wait to kick some Patriots ass !!
Love the headlines in the papers !! Bring on the Hype !!

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Funko NEWS - Funko's Been Framed

I didn't do it I swear, get me a lawyer !! I been Framed !!

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Custom Crazed - Crazy Love Munny by B.A.L.D.

B.A.L.D. of Custom Toy Union is currently running a pre-sale with a Valentines theme titled: "Crazy Love" - where only 5 spots are available! Priced at US$100 per here is a 4" Mini Munny made of super-sculpy, leather, acrylic paints, and a whole lotto insanity, methinks! "For those who know love is crazy and it sometimes breaks you…"

(link) here =

* this article stolen from TOYSREVIL

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