Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Art O' the Day - Norman Saunders

Well .. not so random anyways .. since it is Wacky Package Wednesday !!
Norm did amazing amount of work on Magazines, Trading Card, and Advertisements.
His work is seen everywhere to this day.

He did my all-time favorite Wacky ..
Gadzooka Gum

He worked on the Batman Card Series from 1966 also ..
See more HERE -,01.html

I loved this gum .. Gold Rush .. came in a little pouch ... very western .. LOL !!

Wacky Packages Wednesday - ANS 7

The ANS 7 just hit the stores and the web on August 25th.
Here are some images of the stickers, the first being the sketch/draft of the "Ditz" sticker by Dave Gross.

Shop Online -
Talk about Wacky Packages w/other Collectors on a Forum -

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zenescope NEWS - **NEW** Covers Coming !!

Possible Christmas Covers ???

El Paso Con Exclusive - This Weekend

Something NEW Coming ???

I Guess We Will See SOON !!!

Custom Crazed - Crazy 4 Cult

So .. the other day I did a preview of the Crazy 4 Cult showing at the G 1988 Gallery in San Francisco.
My blog post .. Dunny Dementia - Custom Dunny Craze was about the custom Dunny's done of Harold & Maude by Mikie Graham.
Here are some of the other customs from there website about the showing.

If your in Frisco you need to catch it.
Only the Coolest Customs !!!

Andrew Bell's SLOTH - AWESOME !!!

1.21 GIGAWATTS !!!

G 1988 Gallery - Crazy 4 Cult Show