Saturday, June 6, 2009

CBS Introduces Star Trek QUOGS

New Cartoon-style TOS Character Designs For Multiple Products

Two days ago TrekMovie highlight the new Star Trek GoAnimate site featuring a number of newly designed characters from The Original Series. Today CBS announced that these new character designs (called ‘QUOGS’) will appear on a number of new products from a number of their Star Trek licensing partners.
Star Trek QUOGS
The new designs, previously seen at the GoAnimate site and with some Funko figures, are part of a much bigger push to create a new line of Star Trek merchandise that will appeal to a broader audience with what CBS are calling ‘a fresh and accessible look.’ The proprietary animated art style applied to the classic TOS characters and settings will be extended to multiple Trek licensees and products beginning with Gluck (watches), Funko (vinyl figures), Trevco (t-shirts), Hallmark (greeting cards) and more.

According to CBS they created QUOGs to ‘broaden the Star Trek universe.’ The press release from CBS notes that QUOGs will ‘appeal to collectors and new fans alike.’ From the designs it is clear that what they are doing is creating fun character interpretations from Star Trek that will appeal to a younger crowd, including girls. CBS Products EVP Liz Kalodner says of QUOGS:

"The development of QUOGS displays the continued power of the Star Trek brand and its ability to bring smiles to fans around the world. With Star Trek’s rich history, we believe QUOGS is a gateway to the future."

Meet the QUOGS
And here are the first looks at QUOGS across multiple products.

Star Trek QUOGs - Funko Vinyl figures

Star Trek QUOGs - Gluck Watches

Star Trek QUOGs - Trevco Shirts

Star Trek QUOGs - Hallmark Greeting Card


Movies that you have to see !!!

Where the Buffalo Roam is a 1980 comedy film based on a number of semi-biographical stories written by author Hunter S. Thompson. The film loosely depicts Thompson's rise to fame in the 1970s and his relationship with Chicano attorney and activist Oscar Zeta Acosta. Art Linson directed the picture, while Bill Murray portrayed the author and Peter Boyle portrayed Acosta, who is referred to in the film as Carl Lazlo, Esq. A number of additional names, places, and other details of Thompson's biography are also changed in the film.

An obituary Thompson wrote for Acosta, The Banshee Screams for Buffalo Meat, which appeared in an October 1977 issue Rolling Stone magazine, serves as the basis of the film, although screenplay writer John Kaye drew from several other Thompson works, including Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, The Great Shark Hunt and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thompson served as "executive consultant" on the film.

The film opens in the Rocky Mountains on the Colorado ranch of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, a journalist furiously trying to finish a story about his former attorney and friend, "Carl Lazlo, Esq."

Thompson then flashes back to a series of exploits involving the author and his attorney.

In 1968, Lazlo is fighting to stop a group of San Francisco youngsters from receiving harsh prison sentences for possession of marijuana. He convinces Thompson to write an article about it for Blast Magazine. Thompson's editor, Marty Lewis, reminds Thompson that he has 19 hours to deadline. The judge hands out stiff sentences to everyone, and the last client is a young man who was caught with a pound of marijuana and receives a five-year sentence. Lazlo reacts by attacking the prosecuting attorney and is then jailed for contempt of court.

The magazine story about the trial is a sensation, but Thompson does not hear from Lazlo until four years later, when he is on assignment covering Super Bowl VI in Los Angeles.[1] Lazlo appears at Thompson's hotel and convinces him to abandon the Super Bowl story and join his band of freedom fighters, which involves smuggling weapons to an unnamed Latin American country. Thompson goes along with Lazlo and the revolutionaries to a remote airstrip where a small airplane is to be loaded with weapons, but when a police helicopter finds them, Lazlo and his henchmen escape on the plane while Thompson refuses to follow.

Thompson's fame and fortune continues. He is a hit on the college lecture circuit and covers the 1972 presidential election campaign. After being thrown off the journalist plane by The Candidate's press secretary, Thompson takes the crew plane and gives straight-laced journalist Harris from the Post a strong hallucinogenic drug and steals his clothes and press credentials. At the next campaign stop, in the airport bathroom, Thompson is able to use his disguise to engage The Candidate in a conversation about the "Screwheads" and the "Doomed". The Candidate tells Thompson to "fuck the doomed".

Thompson, still posing as Harris, returns to the journalist plane. Lazlo then appears, striding across the airport tarmac in a white suit. He boards the plane and tries to convince his old friend to join his socialist paradise somewhere in the desert. After causing a disturbance, Thompson and Lazlo are thrown off the plane and Lazlo's papers that describe the community are blown across the airport runway. Lazlo, presumably, is not heard from again.

The action then returns to Thompson's cabin, just as the writer puts the finishing touches on his story, explaining that he didn't go along with Lazlo because "it never got weird enough for me."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ZeneGirl of the Month - Alicia

Please give conrats to - Alicia
The 6th Zenescope Girl of the Month

for 2009 - June


Girl of the Month Release Form

Zenescope Entertainment is known for their beautiful, brainy and butt-kicking female characters, so it's only natural for us to hold our first ever Girl of the Month Contest. One winner will be chosen each month to represent the Zenescope website as the Zenescope Girl of the Month 2009 and all you need to do to enter is email us a picture of just you along with a brief bio that includes your favorite Zenescope title and issue and any other fun facts about yourself that you want us to know to and make sure the pic includes a Zenescope theme! Whether it's you wearing a Zenescope T-shirt, holding a Zenescope comic or dressed as your favorite Zenescope character, just get a photo to us for your chance to win.
One winner will be chosen each month and that winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to COMIC-CENTRAL.COM online store as well as a Zenescope Gift Pack.
And to make things even more interesting, at the end of 2009, fans will vote to select one of the 12 monthly winners who will take the GRAND PRIZE: a 3 day, 2 night trip to COMIC CON International 2010 in San Diego courtesy of Zenescope Entertainment. The grand prize winner will also make an appearance at the Zenescope booth to sign autographs and to hang with the Zene-crew.
So get your photos to us right away and have your chance to be a 2009 Zenescope Girl!

*You MUST be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the U.S. or Canada to enter this contest. All specific contest details, prizes and prize details to be determined by Zenescope and/or contest sponsors in their sole discretion.

Funko Collection UPDATE !! AGAIN !!!

I went Chrome hunting
in the Wild today..
Kirk CHASE !!
Bumblebee CHROME !!!