Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SDCC 2010 / Fundays - MORE Special Thanx !!

So .. time for more Thanx !!! In no particular order .. I got to point a few things out ..

Kevin - Buddha !!! Always a GREAT time to see you .. my 1st Beer Pong partner .. !!! We need a rematch next year .. we will kick there asses !!! I'll work on my Joe Cocker impersonation for next year !!!

Bryan - Welcome to the Funatic Lifestyle dude !!! So glad to meet you .. had a BLAST hanging out and drinking with you !! Same time next year buddy !!!

Grego - What can I say my Brutha !! So glad you came out Saturday night .. that Guacamole was the BOMB !!! It was GREAT to hang with you and the family .. good food with great people ..

Monday, August 2, 2010

SDCC 2010 / Fundays - Special Thanx !!

Brian - Every year you outdo yourself .. from the very cool exclusives you come up with for the con .. the awesome Fundays exclusives .. (especially the Freddys !!) and your spirit for giving .. you are a great person !!
thank you.. Thank You... THANK YOU !!
It is a pleasure to help you in anyway with the booth at con ..
at toy fair .. where ever or whatever you may need
you can count on me.
I don't just believe in the Fun in Funko .. I believe in you !!
You are Number #1 in my book dude !!!

Jim - KIDROCK - Brutha another TOTALLY AWESOME week !!! You have MAD SKILLZ with those customs !! Another Brutha in BBQ for the club too ..the eats were top notch ..
nothing beats Casadillas at 4am off your grill !!!
Can't wait to PARTY again next year !!!
thank you .. Thank You .. THANK YOU !!!
Saturday night was off the hook ..
kidROCKFest same time next year !!!

Alex - bobblebuddy - My Brutha in drinking .. what can I say dude -
Pool - Denny's (Mitz is da man) - Happy Hour - Beer Pong - Karaoke - Levon & the Hillbilly - Denny's (Mitz is still da man) - and that's just before Preview night .. ROFL !!! Had an AWESOME hanging with you #1 Funatic Buddy !!!
Next year we need to get San Diego to replenish the booze faster ..
thank you .. Thank You .. THANK YOU !!!
Next year we will need to get out more ..