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Top Chef All-Stars Ep 7 : Restaurant Wars: One Night Only

The chefs must open “one night only” restaurants in New York City.
Anthony Bourdain sets the stage in this week’s Quickfire Challenge as the chefs face off in a fish fillet contest in one of the best seafood restaurants in the world –- Le Bernardin. The Elimination Challenge is Pop-Up Restaurant Wars -- the chefs must open “one night only” restaurants under the stars in New York City.


Cod Mousseline, Yuzu Chili Oil with Fluke Broth
credits: Marcel Vigneron

Schnitzel of Cod Belly, Ragout of Braised Collar and Fried Skin
credits: Richard Blais

Pan Roasted Belly, Confit Cheeks, Charred Collar with Crisped Up Bread Crumbs and Tomato Sauce
credits: Mike Isabella

Fluke Back Fin Sashimi with Cucumber and Fluke Liver Sauce
credits: Dale Talde

Bacon Dashi with Salt Roasted Cod Collar
credits: Dale Talde


Bag of Potato Chips with Fried Herbs and Sea Salt
credits: Bodega: Dale Talde

Amaretto Cake with Candied Lemon Peel and Cappuccino Mousse
credits: Bodega: Fabio Viviani

Blueberry Pie with Dry Ice Cream
credits: Bodega: Carla Hall

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese with Homemade Focaccia
credits: Bodega: Dale Talde

Chicken Fried Codfish, Brussels Kraut and Ginger Beer
credits: Bodega: Richard Blais

Raw Tuna Belly and Fried Chicken Skin with Chilies and Lime
credits: Bodega: Richard Blais


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